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Morgan & Mom - Know The Hope


I hope this finds you all doing well.  March is blowing in, and we are gearing up for an exciting Spring.

Here’s the latest:


We’re preparing for two special autism events in April.  Morgan and I have also been busy cooking up a little surprise.  More to come later…


When I was a young girl, growing up in Alabama, I remember listening to songs and reading the credits on the back of album covers.  I wanted to know how you got there from where I was.  What I would have given to sit down with someone who was writing those songs. 

The Country Music Hall of Fame has been doing the Words and Music Program in the schools for 31 years.  I’ve had the privilege of volunteering in their program for over 10 years now, creating songs from students’ lyrics, and answering their questions about songwriting.  At a sessions a couple of weeks ago, a young girl in the back asked me why I give my time.  I asked if there was anyone in the group who thought they might want to be a songwriter one day.  Three hands went up.  That’s why!  I’ve seen lots of hands go up over the years, and I like to think some of them will go on to pen tomorrow’s masterpieces.  A BIG thank you to CMHOF from a little Alabama girl.


Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Special Ministry Day – 6:00 pm

Immanuel Baptist Church

214 Castle Heights Ave. Lebanon, TN 37087  615-444-5563

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Eleventh Annual Breaking The chains Benefit

The Bluebird Cafe'

4104 Hillsboro Road, Nashville, TN 37216  615-262-0883

Admission to the early show if free.  Donations for ASMT will be accepted, as we pass the BIG LOUD HAT!  Tickets for the late show are $10, with proceeds going to ASMT.

Round 1: Tammy Vice, Stephen Lee Veal, Richard Trest, and NAoise Sheridan

Round 2: Les Kerr, Karen Staley, Jerry Salley, and Wood Newton

For more information and to reserve tickets, visit The Bluebird Café.  Reservations are strongly suggested.  Seats go quickly.

Wednesday, April 18th

SENSE Theatre Benefit – 7:00 pm

Blair School of Music Turner Hall 2400 Blakemore Ave

Nashville, TN 37240  615-322-7651

Price: $25.00

A Stage of Hope for Children with Autism

For tickets, visit:

SENSE Theatre


Until Next Time,

Know The Hope,

Tammy Vice